Outdoor Fitness


23 August 2020

Everything that you do is no more than a habit. Some habits are
incredibly profoundly ingrained. The longer that a habit is put in place,
the harder it is to replace. Think of the example of a person who
has been smoking for 30 years, constantly used to taking smoking
breaks with friends and smoking at home. However, it is just as easy to
make a habit of going to the gym or meditating as smoking or drinking alcohol. As everybody knows, it is not the gym or
meditation that is difficult. It is the thought of the gym or
meditation and getting to the place itself.
It takes three days for the body to get used to a different kind of diet.
In drug rehabilitation, the first three days are the most difficult, and
after this, the patient will have a much easier time staying away.
This is because the body is physically dependent on the drug and
has adapted to its presence. After three days, it will have adapted to
functioning without the drug. However, this is only the physical
side of things.
Scientific studies have established that it takes three weeks for a
habit to become ingrained. After three weeks, the
person will likely continue doing it afterward. So if you want to
master a habit, the three-day and 21-day marks are the most
important. After these points, it will become a lot easier. Once a
habit has been installed, it just becomes second nature. It does
not matter what it is. This is the beauty of habits once you
understand them and use them to your benefit.
Of course, the ultimate habit that you want to maintain is positive
thoughts. The minute you find yourself thinking of a negative
thought, try to change it to something positive. Over time, even
this will become second nature, and negative thoughts will have
become a thing of the past. This is the ultimate habit to adopt, so
it is best to start with other practices such as meditation or diet